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This course covers the practical aspects of running a successful fitness business and having a successful fitness career. Fitness processes will have the information they need to star planning their own business and make wise career choices.


*Course TextBook (ACSM’s manual) *Quizzes *Practice Test *Education Support *Advanced Specialty Certificate

Entry Requirements

Learners must hold minimum:
*​Fitness Assistant

Assessment /Exam

*case study
*learning experience
*Practical exam
*Multiple choice exam
*125 questions,
limit = 2 hours *70% pass score *1 Free Re-test

Learning Outcomes

* The Fitness Professional’s Career
*Technicians and Clinicians
*Service – The Hospitality Paradigm
*Operations, Administration and Management
*Business Policy Development and Risk Management
*Business Owner Operator
*Developing a Business Plan
*Structuring the Business Plan
*Developing a Marketing Plan
*Developing a Financial Plan
*Selling Your Dream
*Business Plan, Budgets, and Presentation
*Business Plan
*Competition Survey
*Capital and Startup Budget
*Five Year Operating Budget
*Business Plan Presentation

Class Information

Price: €250
Time: 10 Hrs
TimeFrame: Monday - Friday
Certificate: Professional