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Course Description

When you think of aerobic instruction, you may think of classes full of overweight exercisers, bored housewives, and experimenting with new fitness participants. Aerobic conditioning isn’t always choreography and dance, it’s a method of training used by serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts. In fact, 86% of all of us  looking to get into better cardio respiratory condition don’t venture anywhere near aerobics rooms. FAE has the inside-out education you need to consult effectively with clients wishing to use aerobics in their fitness program. FAE teaches fundamental methodologies relating to aerobics and endurance that you can put immediately to work!

Addendum to Course Description

This course is designed for anyone with an interest in taking up an endurance sport or who is training for an endurance challenge ahead. It will also be relevant to athletes, coaches and sport scientists, as well as prospective sports science students.


What you learn from the course

  1. Explore the science behind effective endurance training methods
  2. Evaluate pre-, during, and post-exercise recommendations to support endurance performance and to protect the athlete from illness
  3. Discuss psychological preparation for endurance sports
  4. Explain how the concepts of fatigue and pain relate to endurance training
  5. Investigate respiratory health, including normal and abnormal airway responses to exercise
  6. Explore injuries in endurance sport and how they can be treated and rehabilitated

Outcome Assessment Strategies

  1. Demonstrations
  2. Records and portfolios
  3. Written Exams
  4. Personal programs
  5. Pre and Post testing

Course Content

  1.  General Health & Other Considerations
  2.  Basic Aerobics Recommendations
  3.  Aerobic Exercise Prescription
  4.  Aerobics for Fat Loss
  5.  Cross Training and Athletic Events
  6. Aerobics and the Elderly


  • General Health & Aerobic Prescription
  • Aerobics for the Fat Loss Client
  • Aerobics for the Athlete
  • Muscle Endurance, Strength & Power
  • Flexibility, Stability & Core Strength

Class Information

Price: €750
Time: 10 Hrs
TimeFrame: Monday - Friday
Certificate: Professional