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The Fitness Assistant works under the supervision of the Fitness Instructor. His/her duties consist of guiding a safe workout, explaining programs and exercises, spotting and supervising healthy adults in the muscle strengthening and aerobic exercise areas of gyms, sports centers, hotel units etc. A fitness assistant works to provide a clean, safe and friendly environment that promotes regular member attendance and satisfaction. They are a source of information and encouragement for all members and actively assist fitness instructors wherever possible.


Occupational Roles
A fitness assistant should be able to:
  • Provide safe, clean and friendly fitness environment;
  • Promote fitness exercise as a part of an healthy lifestyle and be a positive example of it;
  • Support fitness and health-related motives and goals for individuals;
  • Provide information about the role of physical activity, modes of exercise and related services;
  • Observe clients/members at all times and inform them where necessary about health and safety requirements and emergency procedures in the fitness environment;
  • Positively interact and motivate clients/members to participate in regular physical activity;
  • Promote healthy activities for daily living to clients/members (lifestyle management);
  • Promote customer referral: invite customers to bring friend and family along and promote their fitness activities in their social environment;
  • Work within the parameters given at Level 2, recognizing the standards and professional limitations that this provides, referring to appropriate members of staff for guidance and support.


Table of Contents
  • Basic concepts and definition of Fitness
  • Mythology of Fitness
  • Equipment types
  • Weight training exercise
  • Orthosoma
  • Body types
  • Benefits & adjustments of resistance exercises
  • Types of exercises & loads
  • Science of sets & repetitions
  • Top & common workout errors
  • Cardio-respiratory exercise (equipment, exercise parameters)
  • Portable heart rate monitoring
  • Beginners-adaptation program
  • Strengths & flexibility
  • Assistance technique (Spotting)
  • Physical weight exercise
  • Elastic resistances exercise (Tubes, Rubberbands)
  • Ball exercise (Fit Ball – Mini Ball – Medicine Ball)
  • Anatomy – Kinesiology L2
  • Physiology of Exercise L2
  • Nutrition Exercise and Health L2


What You Get

*Course TextBook


*Practice Test

*Education Support

*FAE Certificate

*EREPS Certificate


Assessment /Exam


*Learning Experience

* Practical Demonstration

*Multiple Choice Test [125 questions, limit = 2 hours, 70% pass score, 1 Free Re-test]


Total qualification time

Total hours : 150 hours

Self study/ Internship : 90  hours

Guided learning : 60 hours

Class Information

Price: €1,500
Time: 2 months
TimeFrame: Saturday
Certificate: EQF Level 2 Fitness Assistant

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