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Gym Instructor, Fitness Trainer, Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach, Exercise Instructor,How many different job titles have you come across for fitness professionals? It’s no wonder people get confused between them all, especially when, to the untrained eye, it appears as if they’re all doing the same thing – teaching someone how to do an exercise and motivating them, right?

Well, that’s certainly part of the role for all fit pros, but if you’re going to convince someone to pay you to train them privately, particularly in a gym, you’re going to need to demonstrate how much more you offer than what they get included as part of their membership.

So let’s look at the two traditional roles that exist in the fitness industry. They are often given a variety of names which causes the confusion as mentioned, but we’ll refer to them by the most common, fitness instructor.

Usually employed, instructors do gym introductions for new members. They will show them how to use the equipment and depending on the facility may do a standard fitness assessment as well as perhaps writing a simple program based on the member’s goals.

Instructors will spend time ‘walkingthefloor’, talking to members and offering advice and assistance. If qualified, they may also cover certain group exercise classes. They may then contact members every few weeks to offer to update their program and do a fitness re-assessment.


· Anatomy and physiology
· Exercise physiology
· Health and safety in exercise environment
· Basics in exercise, health and fitness
· Basics in sports nutrition
· Basics in exercise techniques
· Customer service
· Social skills
· Gym etiquette


Self-tuition 14 days before the course
Lectures in classroom 48 h
Work practise minimum of 20h
Homework and exam preparation up to 80h


Theoretical exam
Practical test


Graduate receives Fitness Academy Europe International Fitness Instructor certification
and is registered to EREPS as EQF Level 3 Fitness Instructor


Applicant should have been training regularly 1-2 years in various forms



Class Trainer

Lara Gerada

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) – University of Malta Thesis: Drug use and abuse in Sports Post...


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Price: €2,000
Time: 3 months
TimeFrame: Saturday
Certificate: EQF Level 3 Fitness Instructor

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