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This course offers insight to the process from the time foods enter into the digestive system to when they are delivered to our body’s cells, and how this all relates to fitness and athletics. You’ll learn about digestion and internal chemical processes, energy provision and conversion, nutrient requirements, and the basic synergy that ties eating and fitness together. This is the physiology of nutrition being taught in a way that is intriguing and comprehensive!


*Course Text Book
*Practice Test
*Education Support
*Advanced Speciality Certificate

Entry Requirements

Learners must hold a minimum:
*Level 3: ​Fitness Instructor Or
*Level 3: Group Fitness Instructor

Assessment /Exam

*Case Study
*Learning Experience
*Multiple Choice Test [125 questions, limit = 2 hours, 70% pass score, 1 Free Re-test]

Learning Outcomes

*Explain how proper nutrition improves both physical and mental performance.
*Describe the structure, metabolism, and dietary sources of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.
*Identify dietary sources, functions, the effects of deficiency, and the effects of surplus for various micronutrients.
*Recognize the different types of nutrient sources available to the athlete and the variables that determine if the nutrient source is beneficial for the athlete.
*Explain the components of cell structure, energy transfer, anatomy and physiology of digestion, and metabolism.
*Conduct body composition assessments and calculate energy requirements.
*Analyze dietary strategies for fat loss and muscle gain.
*Construct custom nutrition plans for clients based on his or her sport, age, size, and performance objective.

Class Information

Price: €750
Time: 10 Hrs
TimeFrame: Monday - Friday
Certificate: Professional