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Course Description

This course offers insight regarding energy provision from the time foods enter into the digestive process to when they are delivered to body cells, and how this all relates to fitness and athletics. You’ll learn about digestion and internal chemical processes, energy provision and conversion, nutrient requirements, and the basic synergy that ties eating and fitness together. This is the physiology of nutrition being taught in a way that is intriguing and comprehensive!

Addendum to Course Description

This course consists of lectures and class discussions. Mediums for instruction used will include, but are not limited to, interactive and hands-on activities which challenge thought processes, academic texts and studies, videos, slides, guided problem solving, and experiential and/or field learning activities where applicable. Lectures will include various forms and practical applications of how nutrition affects  physical activity and analysis of physiological benefits and consequences integrated with culinary labs in which students will prepare and discuss nutritional components of the food.

What you learn from the course

  1. Understand what an adequate and well-balanced diet is.
  2. Understand  the several concepts of nutrition.
  3. Explain elements of nutrition.
  4. List rules of adequate and balanced diet.
  5. Take notice of whether their own nutritive behaviors comply with those learned during the course.
  6. Know the physical and social changes taking place during the elderly period of life.
  7. Handle the weight loss client who isn’t losing weight.
  8. Understand  the energy and food demands of the elderly people.
  9. Understand how to make nutritive plans

Outcome Assessment Strategies

  1. Coursework/Project
  2. Assessment
  3. Multiple Choice Examination
  4.  Portfolio of Evidence

Course Content

  1. General Nutrition
  2. Metabolism of Nutrients
  3. Meal Timing
  4. Weight Training and Nutrition
  5. Unique Dietary Considerations
  6. Dieting and Fat Loss
  7. Nutrition Charts
  8. Master Food List


  • Understand your role as a personal trainer when providing nutrition recommendations
  • Understand the respective physiology and metabolism of nutrients
  • Understand the importance of meal timing
  • Make considerations for dietary restrictions and individual nutritional needs
  • Define dieting and proper nutrition for fitness goals and fat loss

Class Trainer

Lara Gerada

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) – University of Malta Thesis: Drug use and abuse in Sports Post...


Class Information

Price: €750
Time: 6 months
TimeFrame: 2 months
Certificate: FAE Fitness Nutrition Specialist

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