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This FTS course defines functional exercise and explains its importance to the training program. Learn the science behind functional training and how to apply it to each client. Take a comprehensive look at the foundational principles of functional training and the importance of testing for core strength. This course will cover various techniques for dynamic training of the core through multi-planar movements, challenging the center of gravity, and through isometric exercises.


*Course TextBook
*Practice Test
*Education Support
*Advanced Specialty Certificate

Entry Requirements

Learners must hold minimum:
*​Fitness Assistant

Assessment /Exam

*case study
*learning experience
*Practical exam
*Multiple choice exam
*125 questions, limit = 2 hours
*70% pass score *1 Free Re-test

Learning Outcomes

*Functional Exercise Science
*Principles of Movement & Stretching
*Evaluation & Program Design
*Basic Nerve & Motor Function
*Energy Systems
*Core Training Principles
*Common Exercise Mistakes
*Injury Prevention

Class Information

Price: €250
Time: 10 Hrs
TimeFrame: Monday - Friday
Certificate: Professional