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Course Description

This  course defines functional exercise and explains its importance to the training program. Learn the science behind functional training and how to apply it to each client. Take a comprehensive look at the foundational principles of functional training and the importance of testing for core strength. This course will cover various techniques for dynamic training of the core through multi-planar movements, challenging the center of gravity, and through isometric exercises.


Addendum to Course Description

Classes will be conducted in a small or big groups situation for lectures, warm up, cool down, and core training. Students are responsible for creating individualized programs to meet their specific abilities and goals. Each student will progress at a rate commensurate with their abilities. Pre and post assessment will be conducted for flexibility, body composition, muscular strength, and muscular endurance.

What you learn from the course

  1. Learn the session design of world’s elite coaches: Preparation, Activation, Strength and Conditioning.
  2. Learn how to pro- and regress movement patterns for different types of fitness levels – from the beginner to the pro athlete.
  3. Learn the basic warm-up strategy – from the beginner to the pro athlete.
  4. Learn how to test and assess the basic movements of the human body.
  5. Learn how to become a better coach .
  6. Learn mini band exercises for correcting and activation drills.
  7. Learn how to use different types of Functional Training tools like superbands, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells and other basics tools for your new functional training toolbox.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

  1. Demonstrations
  2. Records and portfolios
  3. Written Exams
  4. Personal programs
  5. Pre and Post testing

Course Content

  1. What is functional training?
  2. Physiology and anatomy
  3. Stretching
  4. Core
  5. Foam Rollers
  6. Program Design
  7. Truth Behind the Gyms Most Common Exercises
  8. Overtraining and Injuries




  • Functional Exercise Science
  • Principles of Movement & Stretching
  • Evaluation & Program Design
  • Basic Nerve & Motor Function
  • Energy Systems
  • Core Training Principles
  • Common Exercise Mistakes
  • Injury Prevention

Class Information

Price: €750
Time: 6 months
TimeFrame: 2 month
Certificate: FAE Functional Training Specialist