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Youth Fitness Specialist ( Youth Fitness Instructor EQF L4)

Youth sports are serious business. Parents are starting their kids in training programs earlier and earlier to give them a leg up on a healthy lifestyle, to get a college scholarship or even go pro. In addition, even those kids that aren’t going are in even greater need of a trainer to help them stay active and improve agility. If you have a passion for shaping young minds and bodies,lets make a change to the next generation.

Self study : 225 hours
Guided learning : 175 hours
† Classroom-based learning supervised by the Teacher
† Work-based learning supervised by the Teacher
† Assessment which takes place under the immediate Guidance or Supervision of our lecturer/supervisor

Total qualification time: 400 hours

What Student’s Learn From This Course

Our course material is continually updated so you can be sure you’re receiving the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

Apply the principles of pediatric and adolescent growth, metabolism, muscle anatomy, bio-mechanics, training, and adaptation principles to create appropriate workout programs for children and teens based on fitness level and goals.
Measure the body composition of a young client and classify the results according to the youth physical development guidelines.
Develop a comprehensive exercise program that utilizes Adaptive Programming principles and techniques to address the fitness requirements of a young client.
Apply the sports psychology principles for young clients.
Incorporate the knowledge of energy and growth needs, nutritional content of food, and the food pyramid to facilitate replacement of unhealthy foods in a client’s diet with nutritious foods.
Identify the causes of over training and injury and incorporate injury prevention into the training program.
Identify a situation when it is necessary to seek out a doctor’s assistance with exercise design and/or injury needs.

Your New Career as a Specialist in Youth Fitness Starts Here

Dr. Hugh D. Allen stated in USA Today that 30 million of today’s youth in the US will die of heart disease as adults, 20% in total, and it’s increased by about 2 percent each year!
Additional health problems have all been linked to childhood obesity and lack of fitness in today’s youth. As a result, youth fitness training is one of the fastest-growing segments in the health club and fitness industry. In addition, youth sports is a booming industry, starting as early as 5 years old in hopes of a college scholarship. Parents are willing to invest significant time and resources to help their kids get an advantage.

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION: Personal Training for Youth Fitness and Sports

Growth and Development
Exercise and Growth

Energy Management and Exercise
Metabolism and the Young Person

Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Exercise Physiology
The Pulmonary System and Exercise
The Heart, Blood Vessels, and Exercise

Muscle Physiology
Muscle Strength: Size, Neural Activation, Elastic Recoil, and Skill
Muscle and the Nervous System
Elastic Muscle Energy

Temperature Regulation
Principles of Temperature Regulation

Exercise in the Heat and Cold
Exercise in the Heat
Exercise in the Cold

Obesity in Children & Measuring Body Composition
Causes of Childhood Obesity
Weight Regulation in Children
Measuring Body Composition in Young People
Composition of the Human Body
Common Techniques to Assess Body Composition

The Training Response: Principles of Training & Adaptation
Principles of Training
Develop the Body to Suit the Lifestyle

Endurance Fitness
Measuring Endurance Fitness
Basic Endurance Fitness for Health
Endurance Program for Performance-Level Physical Fitness

What Determines Flexibility?
Types of Stretching Techniques
Benefits of Flexibility and Stretching Exercises
Principles of Flexibility
Basic Stretching Exercises

Muscle Strength
Developing Basic Movement Skills for Strength Training
Basic Weight Training Exercises

Jumping and Plyometrics
Jumping and Plyometrics

Jumping and Plyometrics
Jumping and Plyometrics

Power and Speed
Elements of Power
Power Training
Functional Training
Olympic Weight Lifting

Assessing Fitness in Children
The President’s Challenge: Physical Activity and Fitness Program
Measuring Endurance Fitness
Measuring for Power
Measuring for Speed
Measuring for Strength
Predicting One-Repetition Maximum (1-RM) from Multiple Repetitions
Maintaining a Good Measurement Program
Genetic Testing in Children

Structuring the Program
Developmentally Appropriate Training Programs

Helping the Child Enjoy Sports and Physical Activity
How to Select the Right Sport

Psychology of the Champion
The Winning Edge
The Psychology of the Champion Athlete
The Elements of Success
Measuring Anxiety in Athletes

Nutrition for Health and Performance
Essential Nutrients
The Healthy, High Performance Diet and MyPlate
Diet, Exercise, and Weight Control

Ergogenic Aids: Drugs and Supplements
Ethics of Ergogenic Aids Use in Children’s Sports
Common Drugs and Supplements Available to Young Athletes

Preventing Injuries
Preventing Injuries

Common Injuries in Children’s Sports
Injuries to Joints and Muscles
Overuse Injuries
Imbalance Injuries
Growth Plate Injuries
Other Conditions

At the end of the last day of course students are assessed through practical presentations,using their new skills to teach a client supervised by the teacher. Students will be awarded either a Pass or a with-held result .Upon successful completion of the course† and submission of a Basic Adult CPR/AED/First Aid card, students will earn an FAE Specialist in Youth Fitness certification through the FAE Professional Division. FAE professional certification is valid for two years and is renew-able by completing 20 approved continuing education contact hours, and submitting an updated CPR/AED/First Aid card and renewal fee.

† Minimum total course score of 75% required for undergraduate courses; Minimum of 75% required on each section of the final exam for independent study courses.


. Minimum of Level 3 EQF Fitness Instructor
. Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in Sport Science or relevant degree

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Alan Curry

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