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Having been involved in the fitness industry for the past 23years, I have found my niche in personal training and training small groups. My aim is to target the over 40s giving them constant attention and professional service. I want my clients to feel completely comfortable in their surroundings and feel the desire to improve their health and fitness whilst exercising in a serene, upmarket environment.


I am the founder of LifeCycle (www:lifecyclechallenge.com) which was set up in 1999 and raises both funds and awareness for persons suffering from renal failure to give the patients a better quality of life. The organization is now one of the largest NGOs on the island. LifeCycle organizes an extreme bicycle challenge every year. I have completed 3 of these challenges and was event organizer for all the 12 challenges that have been organized in the past 12 years. Whilst in the British Military Police I worked in both the Criminal Investigations Department and as part of a Weapons team for 5 years. I also received an RAF Commendation for my efforts in reducing criminal activities in and around military married quarters in the mid-1980s.


My qualifications are listed below and as may be seen I am a qualified Personal Fitness Trainer, British Cycling, Coach, EnglishFA football coach, Nutritionist and I am currently taking a 4-year BSc in Sports Science.

  • Certificate ofHigher Education in Sports Science UK
  • National Vocational Qualifications 1-3 (First 4 FitnessUK)
  • Technogym Master Trainer
  • British Cycling CoachLevel 3UK
  • FA Level 1 & Level 2 Certificates in Coaching Football (UK)
  • Malta MFA Fitness Certificate Level 1
  • Exercise to Music YMCA/ RSA CertificateUK
  • Assessment & Screening First 4 FitnessUK
  • Exercise for the Older Person First 4 FitnessUK
  • Advanced Programming First 4 FitnessUK
  • Nutrition First 4 FitnessUK
  • Anatomy & Physiology (Advanced) First 4 FitnessUK
  • Circuit Training First 4 FitnessUK
  • Gym Instructor Award Focus 1UK
  • Malta National Cycling Manager/ Coach for 2004/2005 season
  • Mdina Knights FC coach 2007 –2009
  • St Andrews Luxol Football Coach 2007-2009
  • Association of British Cycling Coaches Award (NVQ Level 3UK)
  • Fitness and Nutrition ICS DiplomaUKChild Protection (UK)
  • First Aid & CPR St. Johns Ambulance
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    Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or view, goof off, drink on the job, even spend the day in pajamas

    WORK EXPERIENCE 07/2011–12/2011 Physical Trainer Zejtun Corinthians Football Club, Zejtun (Malta) Pre-season training with the Senior team including: Fitness testing. Development of physical/mental capacities leading to a healthy and effective match environment. Technical advice to the Head Coach In-season training including: Development and progression on football physical and mental capacities including speed and strength development, endurance and pro-active rehabilitation. Rehabilitation and restoration of the injured player to match rhythm. 04/01/1994–30/12/2006 Technical salesperson Auto Sales Ltd, Lija (Malta) Main responsabilities of a sales counter for an automotive company including dealing with customers physically and by phone/online, preparation of bulk orders, estimates for accident damages. 04/01/2007–07/03/2016 Fitness trainer/gym instructor BodyMedics Fitness Club. Mondval Ltd, Zejtun (Malta) Day to day running of gym business, interacting with clients including training schedule design and diet advice. 12/03/2016 Present Fitness Trainer/Gym Instructor M2 Elite Wellness GYM, Marsascala (Malta) Interacting with fitness enthusiasts in the weight room, giving advice on weight training and nutritional advice. 01/06/2007 Present Fitness coach and Sports Therapist self employed, Marsaskala (Malta) Preparing custom made training programs and nutritional plans. Personal Training. Fitness competition and photo shoot preparation via body transformations including training, nutrition, posing and motivational duties. Guiding clients through a healthy weight loss regimen. Strength and Conditioning coach helping many athletes in football, power lifting, combat sports and martial arts. Sports and Deep Tissue Massage. Therapeutic Massage including pain management, correction of muscular imbalances and optimal sports performance restoration. Rehabilitation from injury and restoration of improved quality of life. Life skills coach and motivator. 3/10/18 © European Union, 2002-2018 | http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu Page 1 / 5 EDUCATION AND TRAINING 03/01/2011–14/06/2011 Diploma in Physical Training Malta Football Association (Malta) Topics covered including: Endurance Training Strength, speed and functional training methods Variable testing on football players. Rehabilitation methods and match fitness restoration Pre-season Dissertation: Strength development in football players through functional methods. 2011–2018 Master certificate in Ifbb Contest Judging International Federation of bodybuilding (Malta) Detailed contest judging criteria leading to a career in judging local and international bodybuilding and fitness contests. 10/2008–06/2009 Diploma in Sports Massage Itec Anatomy and Physiology of all the major body systems including detailed function and points of insertion/origin of Muscular system. Physiological and psychological effects of sports massage. Subjective and objective assessments and examination techniques: ▪ Postural analysis and palpation ▪ Functional testing ▪ Active, passive and resisted motion ranges ▪ Strength and flexibility testing Sports massage strategies for before, during and after an event. Corrective, preventative and conditioning strategies Specific techniques: ▪ Connective Tissue Management (CTM) ▪ Cross friction, Soft Tissue Release (STR) ▪ Proprioreceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) ▪ Cryotherapy and Thermotherapy. Consent and legislation. Consultation methods including ▪ Contra-indications to sports massage ▪ Common ailments and injuries ▪ Patient/ client care ▪ Hygiene ▪ Safety procedures in the clinic. 10/2006–06/2007 Diploma in Holistic Massage Itec Anatomy and Physiology of all the major body systems. Pathology, diseases and disorders of all the major body systems. 3/10/18 © European Union, 2002-2018 | http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu Page 2 / 5 History, theory, development and philosophy of massage. The holistic approach to massage. Contraindications to massage All the Classical massage movements and their physiological and psychological benefits. ▪ Supervised hands on teaching of all classical massage movement ▪ How to perform an effective full body massage ▪ Adapting massage techniques to suit the needs of the client Skin types, general body types and common postural faults. Aftercare and homecare advice for clients. Consultation methods and informed consent. Clinic based hygiene and safety. 06/2006–10/2006 Fitness Trainer Course EQF level 3 Art on Body Co. Ltd., Zurrieq (Malta) Theory and Practice course (EHFA Certified) leading to effective skills necesssary for working in a training facility (gym). 1993–1995 Diploma in Secreterial Studies Sir Hanibal Scicluna. Institute for Secreterial Studies (Malta) Full Diploma in Secreterial Studies including: Pitman Shorthand 120wpm. Office Practice including Business English and Italian Accounts and Commerce. 2008 Certificate in Indian Head massage Nefertiti School of Beauty (Malta) One day course covering basics of Indian Head massage 02/2011 Basic First Aid Malta Red Cross (Malta) 09/1997 Course in Customer Care Business Psychology Service Training (Malta) 1993 Typewriting (Proficiency) EQF level 2 London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examination Board, London (United Kingdom) 01/1992 Physics - University of London School Examination Board EQF level 2 St. Paul's Missionary College, Rabat (Malta) 06/1991 Computer Studies EQF level 2 St. Paul's Missionary College, Rabat (Malta) 05/1992 Accounting University of London EQF level 2 Sir Hanibal Scicluna - Secretarial School, Msida (Malta) 06/1991 Geography - University of London School Examinations Board EQF level 2 St. Paul's Missionary College, Rabat (Malta) 06/1991 European History - University of London School Examinations Board EQF level 2 St. Paul's Missionary College, Rabat (Malta) 06/1991 Mathematics - University of London School Examinations Board EQF level 2 St. Paul's Missionary College, Rabat (Malta) 06/1991 Maltese Language - University of Malta EQF level 2 St.Paul's Missionary College, Rabat (Malta) 06/1991 Maltese History - University of Malta EQF level 2 St.Paul's Missionary College, Rabat (Malta) 01/1991 English Language - University of London School Examinations Board EQF level 2 St. Paul's Missionary College, Rabat (Malta) 12/1990 Italian Language - University Of Malta EQF level 2 St. Paul's Missionary College, Rabat (Malta) 06/1991 Religious Knowledge - University of Malta EQF level 2 St. Paul's Missionary College, Rabat (Malta) PERSONAL SKILLS Mother tongue(s) Maltese Foreign language(s) UNDERSTANDING SPEAKING WRITING Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production English C2 C1 C1 C1 C1 Italian C2 C2 C1 C1 C1 Levels: A1 and A2: Basic user - B1 and B2: Independent user - C1 and C2: Proficient user Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Communication skills I am able to communicate very well especially in a busy environement due to my experience in a spare parts department and fitness premises. This is shown clearly when there are people who are in distress or facing a problem which needs solving. I am a very good listener and in all these years coaching people from every social environment and age, I have become a point of reference to most of them, when they are facing troubled times. My strong point regarding the above is that I can effectively pin-point the problem and offer solutions. I have an innate ability to express myself on subjects of my knowledge and have no problem to teach/instruct content which I studied or acquired through experience in my profession. Organisational / managerial skills Keeping the training facility in an effective and safe manner is a skill which I possess. I have also acquired through 12 years of experience working in gyms, how to set up and manage training equipment to cater for a large (40) group of people. I can supervise and train many people at the same time. My experience as a fitness coach enables me to manage all physical and mental aspects of athletes who train under my supervision. The ability to work under pressure due to deadlines and busy environments gives me an edge when coaching people for contests. Motivation and problem solving are two aspects which go hand in hand with my profession. Job-related skills Some of my skills are: Management of a training facility: ▪ Supervision. ▪ Training. ▪ Nutrition advice. ▪ Point of sale and minor office work. Fitness coach: ▪ Designing custom training routines. ▪ Contest preparation. ▪ Personal training in the gym. ▪ Designing and conducting training session for teams or individuals on the field. ▪ Long term planning and periodisation of team or individual athletes. Sports Massage Therapist: ▪ Diagnosis of injuries/imbalances. ▪ Treatment of injuries/imbalances with various massage techniques. ▪ Pro-active strategies to keep clients away from injuries. ▪ Assessment and necessary correction of lifestyles/training methods to enhance and improve performance. Technical Sales Representative: ▪ Management of an Automotive Spare Parts Sales department. ▪ Office work related.
      EXPERIENCE: D-Dojo Karate • Help clients formulate their own individual approach to nutrition and optimal percentage of body fat depending on their sports goals • Work with clients to minimize the possibility of sports-related traumas • Train clients in: Karate, Jujitsu, Self-Defense, and conditioning I worked in the role of interior designer facilities to design gyms, including choosing and placing fitness equipment. I collaborated with contractors to design: offices, dojos, changing/restrooms, cooling and heating system, and lighting fixtures. National Iranian Oil Company Clinic Chamran Gym Enghelab Gym Sadra Tejarat Office Jordan Hotel As an International Coach I consulted with clients to develop personalized health programs, I trained clients whose ages ranged from children to senior. Their goals were to improve their lifestyle and health, lose weight and/or decrease fat percentage with successful results; I motivated them for continuous progress. The training included: Martial Arts (training, belt examination and competition), self-defense, weight training, cardio, track & field and sports conditioning (American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Rugby, UFC, Tennis, Golf, Biking, and Marathon). Vienna Karate Club Coach, Austria 2012-2019 Karate National Team Head Coach, Iran 1996, 1999, 2006-2007, 2010 Karate National Team Head Coach (shito ryu), Taiwan 2005, 2009 Alghadesiye Club Karate Team Head Coach, Kuwait 2009 Karate National Team Head Coach, Tajikistan 2007 Karate National Team Head Coach, South Korea 2006 Conditioning Coach for all above Teams 1996, 2014 SKILLS: Karate Black Belt 6Dan (WKF) Jujitsu Black Belt 6Dan (JJIF) Professional Conditioning Coach (IOA) Programmer for professional and amateur athletes (+20 years) Sports Nutrition Expert INTERNATIONAL AWARDS: Asian and Pacific Championships, Gold Medal Indonesia 2010 World Championships, Gold Medal Greece 2006 World Championships, Gold Medal Russia 2003 World Championships, Bronze Medal Germany 2000 World University Championships, Bronze Medal France 1998 World Stars Cup, Gold Medal Italy 1997 World Cup, Bronze Medal Germany1995 Asian Championships, Gold Medal Philippines 1995 Asian Games, Silver Medal Japan 1994 Asian and pacific Championships, Gold Medal Malaysia 1994 World Games, Bronze Medal Nederland 1993 Asian Championship, Gold Medal Taiwan 1993
        Academic background 2014 – …, PhD. Exercise Physiology, University of Guilan, Iran 2011 – 2014, M.A. Physical education & Sport sciences, University of Rasht, Iran 2006 – 2011, B.s. Physical education & Sport sciences, University of science and research of Tehran, Iran. Lecturing experience General physical education (since 2010) Human Physiology (since 2012) Exercise Physiology (since 2012) Physical fitness (since 2012) Training Methodology (since 2012) Health & Exercise (since 2008) Exercise Biochemistry and Nutrition (since 2015) Ergogenic aids in Sport (since 2013) Bodybuilding and fitness judgment principles (since 2010) Professional Qualifications First official lecturer of physique and fitness in Iran IFBB International Judge IFBB weight training specialist Publications How to prescribe HIIT (book) Strength and Conditioning: Biological Principles and Practical Applications (book) Professional Memberships Head of international affairs of Iran bodybuilding federation (2013-now) Member of Iran bodybuilding federation judge committee (2005-now) Member of Iran bodybuilding federation educational committee (2011-now) Head of educational committee of Tehran bodybuilding and fitness association (2015-2017) Editor in chief of Jesm-o-andishe weekly professional magazine of bodybuilding and fitness (2014-2017