• Expert course of minibasket. SportCoach.
  • Certificate in Psychology of High Performance. Barcelona Football Club
  • Master´s degree in Sports Psichology
  • UNED: Universidad nacional de estudios a distancia
  • “Help relationship skills”. Center for Humanization of health 2011-2012 “Basic palliative care course”. Center for Humanization of health
  • “Emotional intelligence. Help without being burned. ” Center of Humanization of health
  • Degree in Psychology
  • UAM: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
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    Working from home meant we could vary snack and coffee breaks, change our desks or view, goof off, drink on the job, even spend the day in pajamas

    Born 1984 PhD in Sports Science (weight management) from Eurasia International University of Science and Research Tbilisi Georgia Certified International personal trainer EQF level 3,4 Certified International nutrition advisor Certified International bodyguard Certified International lifeguard Certified International karate coach Holding rank Dan 5 karate wkf Holding rank Dan 5 Jujutsu jjif World karate champion Asian karate champion
    CAREER OBJECTIVE STATEMENT Having been involved in the fitness industry for the past 23years, I have found my niche in personal training and training small groups. My aim is to target the over 40s giving them constant attention and professional service. I want my clients to feel completely comfortable in their surroundings and feel the desire to improve their health and fitness whilst exercising in a serene, upmarket environment. SKILLS AND ACHIEVEMENTS I am the founder of LifeCycle (www:lifecyclechallenge.com) which was set up in 1999 and raises both funds and awareness for persons suffering from renal failure to give the patients a better quality of life. The organization is now one of the largest NGOs on the island. LifeCycle organizes an extreme bicycle challenge every year. I have completed 3 of these challenges and was event organizer for all the 12 challenges that have been organized in the past 12 years. Whilst in the British Military Police I worked in both the Criminal Investigations Department and as part of a Weapons team for 5 years. I also received an RAF Commendation for my efforts in reducing criminal activities in and around military married quarters in the mid-1980s. EDUCATION My qualifications are listed below and as may be seen I am a qualified Personal Fitness Trainer, British Cycling, Coach, EnglishFA football coach, Nutritionist and I am currently taking a 4-year BSc in Sports Science.
  • Certificate ofHigher Education in Sports Science UK
  • National Vocational Qualifications 1-3 (First 4 FitnessUK)
  • Technogym Master Trainer
  • British Cycling CoachLevel 3UK
  • FA Level 1 & Level 2 Certificates in Coaching Football (UK)
  • Malta MFA Fitness Certificate Level 1
  • Exercise to Music YMCA/ RSA CertificateUK
  • Assessment & Screening First 4 FitnessUK
  • Exercise for the Older Person First 4 FitnessUK
  • Advanced Programming First 4 FitnessUK
  • Nutrition First 4 FitnessUK
  • Anatomy & Physiology (Advanced) First 4 FitnessUK
  • Circuit Training First 4 FitnessUK
  • Gym Instructor Award Focus 1UK
  • Malta National Cycling Manager/ Coach for 2004/2005 season
  • Mdina Knights FC coach 2007 –2009
  • St Andrews Luxol Football Coach 2007-2009
  • Association of British Cycling Coaches Award (NVQ Level 3UK)
  • Fitness and Nutrition ICS DiplomaUKChild Protection (UK)
  • First Aid & CPR St. Johns Ambulance
    • EXPERIENCE: D-Dojo Karate • Help clients formulate their own individual approach to nutrition and optimal percentage of body fat depending on their sports goals • Work with clients to minimize the possibility of sports-related traumas • Train clients in: Karate, Jujitsu, Self-Defense, and conditioning I worked in the role of interior designer facilities to design gyms, including choosing and placing fitness equipment. I collaborated with contractors to design: offices, dojos, changing/restrooms, cooling and heating system, and lighting fixtures. National Iranian Oil Company Clinic Chamran Gym Enghelab Gym Sadra Tejarat Office Jordan Hotel As an International Coach I consulted with clients to develop personalized health programs, I trained clients whose ages ranged from children to senior. Their goals were to improve their lifestyle and health, lose weight and/or decrease fat percentage with successful results; I motivated them for continuous progress. The training included: Martial Arts (training, belt examination and competition), self-defense, weight training, cardio, track & field and sports conditioning (American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Rugby, UFC, Tennis, Golf, Biking, and Marathon). Vienna Karate Club Coach, Austria 2012-2019 Karate National Team Head Coach, Iran 1996, 1999, 2006-2007, 2010 Karate National Team Head Coach (shito ryu), Taiwan 2005, 2009 Alghadesiye Club Karate Team Head Coach, Kuwait 2009 Karate National Team Head Coach, Tajikistan 2007 Karate National Team Head Coach, South Korea 2006 Conditioning Coach for all above Teams 1996, 2014 SKILLS: Karate Black Belt 6Dan (WKF) Jujitsu Black Belt 6Dan (JJIF) Professional Conditioning Coach (IOA) Programmer for professional and amateur athletes (+20 years) Sports Nutrition Expert INTERNATIONAL AWARDS: Asian and Pacific Championships, Gold Medal Indonesia 2010 World Championships, Gold Medal Greece 2006 World Championships, Gold Medal Russia 2003 World Championships, Bronze Medal Germany 2000 World University Championships, Bronze Medal France 1998 World Stars Cup, Gold Medal Italy 1997 World Cup, Bronze Medal Germany1995 Asian Championships, Gold Medal Philippines 1995 Asian Games, Silver Medal Japan 1994 Asian and pacific Championships, Gold Medal Malaysia 1994 World Games, Bronze Medal Nederland 1993 Asian Championship, Gold Medal Taiwan 1993